In response to the COVID19 outbreak Patterson Maintenance Services, Inc. is providing to our clients the ability to provide partial to full building/facility disinfecting on a routine or one time basis. These services range from providing small area(s) disinfecting where an employee or staff member was working and has recently been sent home relative to COVID19 to full building/facility disinfecting. We can provide routine disinfecting using both "Fogging" and "Electrostatic Disinfecting" units. These procedures not only provide excellent disinfecting results but promote great "optics" for your staff and clients. Additionally we can provide manual cleaning within your site of all "high touch" areas/surfaces using approved "CDC" recommended chemicals to disinfect throughout the day all door knobs, switch plates, push plates, door jambs, table surfaces, etc. We will provide the appropriate MSDS sheets on any chemicals used for the aforementioned procedures.

We can discuss with you the options available and design a program that will suit your individual needs.



PMS, Inc. was established in 1989 and has grown through a reputation of excellence in the industry. This industry is so highly competitive that if we don't provide consistent high quality services on a daily basis, one of our competitors will gladly take our business. We must provide superior quality and responsiveness on a consistent basis if we are to survive and grow.

- Scott Patterson, President

About Us

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Patterson Maintenance Services, Inc. is a full service janitorial maintenance company providing not only cleaning but a variety of other necessary services ranging from general cleaning, supply acquisition to carpet and tile maintenance. We provide services throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island to clients ranging from high tech and medical to retail and production facilities. We have been rated by the "Boston Business Journal" as one of the top companies in the industry, and our references include some of the most prominent firms within their respective fields of business.

Specifications on the job change frequently and PMS, Inc. is ready to respond to those changes as they become necessary. Whether you have a need for emergency services and/or a special cleaning request, we will be there to provide you with the quality service you expect. We perform background checks on all staff prior to being hired by our firm. Additionally we frequently offer bonus incentive programs to our management as well as cleaning personnel. These programs have not only given PMS, Inc. the lowest turnover ratio in the industry but have given our staff the motivation to make our service second to none in the business.


What We Can Do For You

We at PMS, Inc. pride ourselves on our ability to provide dependable high quality service to our clientele. PMS, Inc. is a "full service" maintenance company. While many firms in the industry claim to provide full services, it only means that they sub-contract out their special services which can only minimize the quality an increase cost to you, the customer. We can provide you with not only your basic cleaning services but supply acquisition, dumpster services, day porter and temporary labor services, emergency services, flood and fire restoration, carpet maintenance, window cleaning and snow shoveling as well as an array of other essential services. This may sound routine, but many in the industry do not operate this way or have the ability to provide this type of full-service facility maintenance. We work on the principle that a lower percentage profit margin of a larger number means more dollars than a higher percentage profit margin of a lower overall number. We can provide these services at highly competitive rates where as individual vendors for each of these services have to charge a premium because this for many will be the only chance they will have to do business with your firm.

Through its buying power, PMS, Inc. can save your firm money on the supplies it needs. Items such as toilet paper, hand towels, trash bags etc. can be purchased at significant discounts for you and your facilities. In addition to the actual supplies PMS, Inc., can provide you with almost any type of dispenser for your restroom or other areas of your buildings, most times with no charge to you or your firm. We can provide a detailed analysis of your usage and recommend the appropriate type of products and dispensers to suit your particular facilities needs.

We can design a new maintenance program for you and your firm and/or use an existing program which you feel suits your current needs. We readily provide our clients with sample specifications sheet from other clients within their particular industry in the hopes that this shared information is helpful in putting together their own service program. All of this being said, this is not a static business and we must be able to react to our clients changing needs. A day, a week, a month, or a year into our relationship, if something that was initially listed on a specification sheet needs to be changed we are there to take the appropriate action to make those changes both operational and monetarily if necessary to meet changing budgets.

Special Services

  • Daily/ Nightly Cleaning Services
  • Porter Services
  • Trash removal
  • Supply acquisition
  • Temporary labor for all types of maintenance
  • Parking lot and garage maintenance
  • Stripping and waxing of vinyl tile floors
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Truck mounting and portable equipment available
  • Light construction maintenance
  • Specialty floor maintenance, marble, granite, wood, terrazzo, etc.
  • Post construction clean- up
  • Vandalism repair and graffiti removal
  • Truck mounted powerwashing
  • Flood and fire restoration
  • Metal refinishing and repair
  • Hotel maintenance
  • Painting
  • Recycling services
We offer additional services not listed. Please call us @ (860) 519-0011 to inquire

Quality Assurance

Consistency, dependability and reliability have been the hallmarks of our operations department since our inception. Through rigorous and regular quality control procedures, PMS, Inc. has maintained the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction possible. Our frequent scheduled site inspections with our clients provide valuable feedback to our management staff. This feedback allows our operations department to quickly recognize, assess, and provide the necessary services to ensure our clients' satisfaction and maintain a clean and sanitary facility for you and your staff.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality service at the best possible price. The only way to do that is through good quality control, good client feedback and a low employee turnover ratio. All of that being said PMS, Inc. has one of the lowest turnover ratios in the industry and we accomplish that by treating our employees with the respect and dignity they deserve. Also, by managing the speed with which we acquire new business, or grow, we are able to maintain a stable work force and in turn supply consistent dependable service to all our clients.

Our entire focus is on keeping our clients expectations met and the only effective way to do that is to maintain a reliable form of communication between our management and our customers. Feedback from our clients is invaluable and our area managers are required to maintain that feed back through quality control reports or QC's. Each area manager must submit to our office a QC report weekly from each of the buildings that he or she oversees. These QC's must be filled out and signed by both the area manager and facility manager of the building we service.These quality control reports are reviewed weekly by the operations managers, the general manager and the owner of PMS, Inc. as well. These reports assure us that we are getting accurate information from our field personnel and allow us to implement corrective measures immediately should there be a need to do so. Not only are these reports invaluable to our staff, but they can provide important information to our clients regarding how their staff is communicating with our firm. The vast majority of people will suffer in silence and these malcontents can be a service company's downfall. It is our job to ensure that our clients have an avenue of communication that is simple and effective.

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